Schools and Partners

Academic Square offers the highest quality courses from institutions who share our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

  • 1,700 +

    courses in subjects such as humanities, math, computer science

  • 2 Million +

    learners in Tanzania, representing every Province

  • 5 Million +

    enrollments across Academic Square courses

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Academic Square regularly partners with many different types of organizations from all around Tanzania - academic institutions (from large research universities to polytechnics and liberal arts colleges), non-profit institutions, national governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and multinational corporations.

Where there is strong mission alignment with Academic Square and the ability to commit strategic, course content, and/or financial contributions back to the consortium, we are eager to hear from your institution on where it is today and where it is planning to go with online/blended learning and MOOCs. In turn, Academic Square offers its members a variety of technical, marketing, and educational services (i.e., training, onboarding, high-level program management, learner technical support, course strategy, design, build, run and re-run consultations involving data analytics, and so on).

Kindly contact with your interest in partnering. If you are a commercial sector corporation looking to become an Academic Square member or partner with Academic Square in some way, please email us at If your organization is not yet ready to make any commitments, we are happy to discuss potential Open Academic SquareX options as well.

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